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Podcasting for business

It has become more evident recently that consumers and clients need a little more from business owners and managers than just the service or product on offer. Your clients and customers want to develop a relationship with you and your business because trust, reliability, and expert advice are fast becoming an important component when they are being separated from their money. In order for this relationship to be successfully built, business owners need to be ever-present and available to each client and this is not an easy thing to achieve.

Online communication has become a vital tool for businesses in managing clients and client relationships and the use of bulk email marketing services has seen a steep rise in past years. Most, however, are impersonal and long-winded leaving the customer feeling like they have been reduced to a mere number in the books of the business.

This is where podcasting becomes important and one of the most useful marketing and communication tools available to us.

Podcasting allows business owners or anyone wanting to promote a product, service or themselves to connect on a more personal level with your audience. Through the voice, a listener gets an understanding of who you are more than is achievable through text communication. This allows the natural development of trust and respect. People are more likely to buy from, or subscribe to a service offered by someone they know and trust and although you may never get to meet most of your audience, they will feel as if they know you through the listening of regular podcasts. Podcasting allows you to share valuable advice, insight, product information but also personal info about yourself and your life, which is crucial to relationship building.

It can be argued that podcast audiences are more valuable than audiences of FM radio. People who listen to podcasts are more engaged and interact more. They are users of smartphones and well earning. They are also a younger generation.

Podcasts are incredibly targeted as listeners are able to choose specific content at any given time instead of accepting the content pushed by FM radio. This means that your audience is one who would most likely be very interested in your subject, product or service. This allows you to share your story or marketing with very relevant people and get the best possible exposure for your business or cause

Podcasting is a medium that can be used in any business as an inexpensive addition to a marketing strategy, as a way to communicate with existing clients, or to share interesting relevant topics.

in May 2014, Gareth Cliff launched Cliff Central which is in essence a podcast content hub. Cliff Central generates 12 hours of content per day, 5 days a week which is streamed lived on the website. The content is then made available as podcasts on iTunes, the Cliff Central app and the website.

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