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At Podcast Studio, we offer the following services:

  • Recording

Our podcast recording studio can accomodate a host and 3 participants, or a silent controller and 4 participants. All that is required to record a professional podcast is provided.

  • Editing

Our staff can edit your entire recording to get rid of silences and unwanted audio or shift segments around to create a professional final product.

  • Podcast artwork

Your artwork needs to draw attention and we can create something that does just that. The artwork created will be iTunes compliant

  • Tagging

If not tagged correctly, your podcasts will be difficult to find and identify. We will ensure all your files are correctly tagged for proper syndication.

  • Hosting

Podcasts cannot be hosted on your website’s hosting server. It requires a separate hosting account. Allow us to host your podcasts at low rates.

  • Websites

If you don’t already have a website for your business or podcast, we will assist with the registration of the domain, the hosting, email and design of the site. We can also update the site regularly with new podcast episodes and blog posts.

  • Social Media

We will create and manage social media accounts for the purpose of marketing your podcast or business. This can include the management of paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter as well as Google Adwords.

  • Sydication & iTunes

With correct artwork and tagging, we will ensure a proper RSS feed is created for your podcast and submit the feed to iTunes and other relevant podcast directories.

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